A Day in my Concierge World


I had no intention of being a concierge, but when the positioned presented itself I knew this was the job for me. Coming from working in the retail world to a more reserved setting was a bit of a change, but only for the better. I feel more energized here and the Pepper Building brings me happiness. I never thought that my job could have such an impact on me, but it does. I meet inspiring people every day that motivate me to work hard and reach for my goals.These people aren’t just considered residents to me; they’re more like my family. Being that I am the first person they see when they come home, there’s always an interesting story that’s ready to be heard during the residents walk through the lobby. I am a service oriented person, attentive to the needs of my residents and I can maintain a positive attitude while I work. I enjoy each day as the weeks goes on. I find myself knowing the routine of things before they even happen. I normally have a sense of how my day will begin as soon as I step foot into the door. From organizing the office, greeting residents, working with the maintenance team and processing packages are things I look forward to doing every day. I am organized and dedicated to my work. I like to ensure that I do a good job and finish all my duties each day. I am a team player, but more than able to work on my own initiative. I love my concierge job and the residents here at the Pepper Building! – Aigner