Reflection on Black History Month from our Property Manager

Trina and the Fam!

In my household Black History is celebrated daily by telling inspiring stories of past and present freedom fighters such as Malcolm X, Cornell West, Mary Church Terrell, and Michelle Alexander. Their relentless fight for equality and justice is a constant reminder of the freedoms my family and I enjoy. We tell accounts that span the entire Civil Rights movement: from the suffrage movement, overcoming Jim Crow, to the Supreme Court decision to eliminate the “separate but equal” doctrine. I am eternally grateful for the bravery of millions. I am proud and forever in debt to the strong, resilient freedom fighters that have and continue to pave a way for this Philadelphia-born black-girl as the effects of slavery, the fight for equality, and the struggle to survive flows through my veins.

- Trina Golphin

Property Manager, The Pepper Building