What A Month Its Been!

For the past month, The Pepper Building has hosted a clothing and personal care drive for Broad Street Ministry. Broad Street Ministry is a local non-profit that provides meals, health services, mail services, a clothing lottery, and personal care items to housing- and income-insecure Philadelphians. All of the residents of Pepper really came together to make this an amazingly successful drive. Everything has been delivered and the every item has been tallied up. Are you ready to see what our amazing Peppers donated? Here are all of the articles of clothing by the numbers:

5 Non-winter hats

5 Pairs of gloves

7 Skirts

8 Winter hats

9 Pairs of underwear

11 Pairs of shorts

15 Dresses

18 Scarves

20 Pairs of socks

25 Pairs of shoes

30 Button down shirts

34 Winter jackets

57 Long sleeved shirts

69 Pairs of jeans and other long pants

93 Short-sleeved shirts


This is amazing! On top of all of the articles of clothing that were collected, personal care items were also collected. At almost every meal served at BSM, personal care items are given to any guest who requests them. These items include things like shampoo, conditioner, toothpaste, toothbrushes, deodorant, and soap. We received so many of these items that we couldn’t keep up with counting them all! We received at least 50 of each personal care items we asked for.

Broad Street Ministry is so incredibly grateful for each and every item that was given to them. They are so excited to finished sorting through and putting out all of the items that they received. Here are photos of the Clothing Closet – where all of your donations will be placed so guests of BSM can pick out a great outfit for themselves.


Clothing Closet Jackets

Thank you all for such a successful drive for such a deserving non-profit in the city! Your donations will help so many Philadelphians in need this winter! For any more information on Broad Street Ministry, please visit  their website or contact Ashley in the management office.

Another fun fact: Any items that were donated for this drive that could not be accepted by BSM (water bottles, jewelry, blankets, ect) were donated to Philly AIDS Thrift. This organization sells items generous people donate to their thrift store and then distributes the proceeds to local organizations involved in the fight against HIV/AIDS. You can learn all about them here .

Unit next time,