Pepper <3’s Pets

We here at The Pepper Building just love our pets. We are so happy to say that we are a pet friendly community that welcomes both pups and cats!

We love when our furry friends are able to stop by and spend some time with us in the office… doesn’t Piper look professional here? I know I would just love to take a tour around the building with her leading the way. She just needs a name tag and she’ll be all set.



We also offer our residents with kitty cats Away from Home Concierge Services – if you are leaving for a short trip, we are happy to feed your cat while you are away! We’ll even make sure they get lots of belly scratches on your behalf.

Our furry friends are also kind of famous around The Pepper Building. You can check out our Facebook page here to see all of our Woofie Wednesday and Midweek Meows posts. We just love to brag about all of the babies that live here in the building!

If you are taking your dog for a walk, don’t forget to stop by our 24-hour concierge desk – the concierge will be happy to give your pup a treat before or after his or her walk. The concierge staff will also be happy to recommend local pet sitters and walkers in the area in case you need some extra help from time to time- being a pet parent isn’t easy!

Take a look at some more of our fur babies that are part of The Pepper Family. We hope you and your special pet will join us!

The Girls Pepe  Penny